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Effective for combined Air / Air freight to VVO only

Accurate instructions following required for smooth traffic arrangement.

Please arrange freight and issue shipping documents according to shipping instructions below. Follow instructions accurately and firmly , it is guarantee of smooth traffic arrangement and prompt delivery.

Use any carrier from your place for air freight to SEL/ Korea

1.Issue MAWB from Freight Forwarder and address it to: WIN Corporation Co ltd 2d floor 30-5, Ulgiro -6 ga Chung-Gu, Seoul, Korea tel.82-2-2285 5100 mob.82-11-9039 8588 ctc.Alexander Jung

This MAWB terminates in SEL, therefore show SEL as destination

2.Issue HAWB showing Actual shipper as "shipper " and its address in the origin and
actual cnee as "consignee"
and its address in the destination

B ased on HAWB agent in SEL (WIN Corporation) declares the shipment as transit and issues new MAWB to VVO, therefore please show VVO as destination.

3.Place a remark both in MAWB and HAWB : "shipment in transit over SEL to VVO/ Russia"

4.Put into a pouch and attach to MAWB commercial Invoice ( CI ) and packing list ( PL)

5 .Send by fax +7-4232-300062 above shipping documents (MAWB, HAWB, CI, PL) to PETRA Air Freight, LLC enable us to instruct Korean agent accordingly.


T he carrier operates narrow body aircraft on connect flight SEL-VVO and it is belly load. DIMS restrictions 120x90 cm, WGT restrictions - 100 kgs per piece maximum. In case ofexceeding any parameter please do prior request to Art Guevorkian at petra@petra.ru or fax +7-4232-300062.
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