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43, Okeanskiy prospekt
Zip code: 690090
Phones: +7 4232 260113, +7 4232 260076
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E-mail: boss@far-east.ru; biz@far-east.ru
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General information

PETRA "was founded as a Joint Stock Company with head office in Moscow for running international multimodal transport operations and then it grew up to independent freight forwarder with head office in Vladivostok. Now limited liability Company "PETRA" is a leading company among the others in the Industry in the Russian Far East region.

Since its foundation it has become and remains one of the largest freight forwarding Agent in the Far East of Russia. "PETRA" was the first private company in the Industry established in the Russian Far East in 1991. It started operating as a handling agent for transit cargoes moving from Asia to Europe by "Concord Freight System " (Netherlands ) , the Company which had a courage to make investments into "wild" Russian market which had just been developing.

Specialists from "Concord" residentially living in Vladivostok taught "PETRA" employees a lot , how to do things in the industry of multimodal transportation: from simple things as how to issue cargo manifest and other shipping documents to procedure of palletizing cargo and booking charter from a carrier. In the beginning we could book charters from Aeroflot only, however later when young newly found Airlines started to appear on the market "PETRA" preferred to book charter freighters from Airlines located closer to Vladivostok, like Yakutsk.

Close business cooperation with Yakutian Airline called "Sakha Avia" (IATA Code IKT) is another step of "PETRA" history. An incredible contribution to make a young Company internationally known was made by another "PETRA" partner "SEA-Air Transport" GmbH (Germany). Its efforts to support the Airline on European market as GSA are really highly valued.

Since then "PETRA" in cooperation with S.A.T. and Sakha Avia Airlines made incredible jump in volume of combined sea and air transportation and S.A.T. management reported that Russian traffic in 1993 even beat their Middle East traffic via UAE. New customers trusted their cargoes to PETRA -SAT including world recognized names like Quelle, Siemens, Sony, Daewoo, Philips and others. New clients and partners got to know about "PETRA" and began to use our services as for transit cargoes and for local freight forwarding services and domestic charter flights.

Economical situation in 1995 made sea-air program economically inefficient which forced "PETRA" to look for alternatives to survive. This activities resulted "PETRA" had transformed into freight forwarding company offering the wide range of services related to air transportation including the following ones:

  • import / export air freight
  • domestic air freight
  • charter brokerage
  • station manager service
  • custom brokerage
  • multimodal transportations (import / export/ transit):sea-air, sea-rail.
  • Inland bond trucking
  • Travel agent activities
  • GSA activities

US carriers showed serious interest to Far East of Russia ." Evergreen International Airlines " and "Polar Air Cargo " required technical stops for refueling. "PETRA" had trained the staff shortly and started to render station manager services which included ground handling services, briefing to the crew, transportation, interpreter and other standard facilities.

"PETRA" has a skilled Staff of 50 employees .Company managers are professionally trained and completed courses for operational procedures within the companies well known and experienced in the industry. Thus, Managing Director and Marketing Manager had 7 weeks internship in 1996 in US largest Companies as winners of "Business for Russia" program had been held in Russia Far East in 1995 sponsored by USIA - in UPS , Louisville and in Fritz Companies, San Francisco.

Nowadays "PETRA" is linked by business relations with partners and agents in major Russian cities, as well as in the cities of Asia, USA and Europe which enable us to offer any service to local importers with regard of freight as well as exporters in Asia, USA, Europe moving their cargoes to Siberian Destination in Russia.

"PETRA" has branch offices in Vladivostok, Vladivostok airport, Moscow, port Vostochniy . Worldwide agent's network enables "PETRA" to facilitate the transportation of goods to and from major destinations in Europe, North America and Asia.

Since 1996 "PETRA" is rendering Express Mail Service as the agent for "Federal Express" . "PETRA" operates in accordance with FedEx slogan: "The World on time". Working in accordance with Company policies "PETRA" has gained the reputation of reliable partner capable to meet the requirements of the customers by offering quality and reliable service.

PETRA-VOSTOCHNY was established on August 13, 1992., it is situated on the territory of Port Vostochny and provides logistic schemes of cargo transportation via Vostochny port, provides forwarding and customs brokerage, arranging export- import and transit cargoes in containers and general cargoes via Vostochny port. PETRA-VOSTOCHNIY has all facilities to organize forwarding services and transshipment services of cargoes via Vostochny port as combined sea/air or sea/rail to the West points of Russia, to CIS and Europe destinations. Own Company's trucking services are available to deliver cargoes all over Far East region of Russia. PETRA-VOSTOCHNIY is regionally bonded carrier licenced to operate in Primorsky, Khabarovsky, Amursky regions and Saha-Yakutia. The company implements its rich experience and modern techniques to provide forwarding services of export cargo from Russia and CIS to Japan, Asia, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia. Warehousing services, such as vanning and de-vanning, packing, storage and control of cargo are also available . We arrange for and supervise efficient and expeditious cargo handling including container terminal activities, Road haulage and depot services.

Limited Liability Company "PETRA" and "PETRA-VOSTOCHNIY" Co Ltd are always open for any business proposals to all concerned.